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John F. Kennedy Center Reauthorization Act of 2017

Sponsored By

John Barrasso

Deals With

Charitable contributions Commemorative events and holidays District of Columbia Humanities programs funding Museums, exhibitions, cultural centers Performing arts Presidents and presidential powers, Vice Presidents

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  • Held at the desk.
    Source: House floor actions
  • Received in the House.
    Source: House floor actions
  • Message on Senate action sent to the House.
    Source: Senate
  • Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent. (consideration: CR S5020; text as passed Senate: CR S5020)
    Source: Senate
  • Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 201.
    Source: Senate
  • Committee on Environment and Public Works. Reported by Senator Barrasso without amendment. With written report No. 115-144.
    Source: Senate
  • Committee on Environment and Public Works. Ordered to be reported without amendment favorably.
    Source: Senate
  • Read twice and referred to the Committee on Environment and Public Works.
    Source: Senate