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An original bill to provide for reconciliation pursuant to title II of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2018.

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Michael Enzi

Deals With

Accounting and auditing Agricultural equipment and machinery Alaska Alaska Natives and Hawaiians Alcoholic beverages Arctic and polar regions Assault and harassment offenses Athletes Aviation and airports Bank accounts, deposits, capital Budget deficits and national debt Budget process Business expenses Business investment and capital Capital gains tax Caribbean area Charitable contributions Civil actions and liability Commodities markets Commuting Corporate finance and management Correctional facilities and imprisonment Department of the Treasury Disability and paralysis Disaster relief and insurance Drug therapy Economic development Egypt Electric power generation and transmission Employee benefits and pensions Employee leave Employment discrimination and employee rights Energy revenues and royalties Executive agency funding and structure Farmland Financial services and investments Floods and storm protection Food industry and services Foreign and international corporations Fraud offenses and financial crimes Fruit and vegetables Gambling Health care costs and insurance Health care coverage and access Higher education Historic sites and heritage areas Housing and community development funding Housing finance and home ownership Housing supply and affordability Income tax credits Income tax deductions Income tax exclusion Income tax rates Indian claims Inflation and prices Insurance industry and regulation Interest, dividends, interest rates Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Land transfers Legal fees and court costs Licensing and registrations Life, casualty, property insurance Louisiana Low- and moderate-income housing Middle East Military operations and strategy Military personnel and dependents Mississippi Mississippi River Motor vehicles Oil and gas Pedestrians and bicycling Poverty and welfare assistance Prescription drugs Professional sports Property tax Public participation and lobbying Public utilities and utility rates Puerto Rico Research and development Residential rehabilitation and home repair Rural conditions and development Sales and excise taxes School athletics Securities Sex offenses Small business Social work, volunteer service, charitable organizations State and local government operations State and local taxation Strategic materials and reserves Student aid and college costs Tax administration and collection, taxpayers Tax reform and tax simplification Tax treatment of families Tax-exempt organizations Taxation of foreign income Teaching, teachers, curricula Texas Transfer and inheritance taxes Transportation costs U.S. territories and protectorates User charges and fees Wages and earnings Water storage Water use and supply Wilderness and natural areas, wildlife refuges, wild rivers, habitats

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  • Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 269.
    Source: Senate
  • Committee on the Budget. Original measure reported to Senate by Senator Enzi. Without written report.
    Source: Senate